Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

21:34:22, Set ur day (Saturday)

hey there.. been such a looong time, eh?
not doing much of progress here, just chillin.
some of you may be asking "hows life dude?"
and add "must be cool and stuffs 'cause ur a f-in 11st grader!"

thats some big mistake dude, BIG TIME!
schools been very fuckin disturbing for me
its like you never had the time to relax
'cause you have to finish everything on weekend

well.. im not gonna whining about school anyway
im just gonna update this dead blog of mine

oh! i just had my birthday last sunday.. umm its 23rd of january
i had a damn good time! my gf and my friends managed a surprise for me
and it was surprising enough for me haha

and my mom bought me a new macbook pro '15
which what i wanted very much since i dont know when
its been a hell of good time, i wish i have a birthday everyday.

however, i wish everyone have a goodtime
im gonna finish some errands, write again later
so long!