Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

Turnstiles above skylines

i fancy how fate works sometimes, it could bring us to a lot better situation
or even it could bring us to a worse situation

lets say im not that a religious person.. but i believe in God
i dont pray occasionally, but i dont drink, smoke, drugs and else either
i guess im in a right path i suppose, except on the religious way
life's been pretty confusing lately, i keep losing track of where am i now
am i on the top of the wheel? or am i on the bottom? or even the road?
this could be the most honest writing that i've done.. well for the sake of the goodness of this blog

this silence is awkward.. im not really used to this
from what i've seen, and what i've heard..
please.. make sure that you're the first to say sorry

im not really sure of what am i babbling about right now
well im so sorry that these days theres not much picture updates here
texts are getting ol' and grey eh?
later then..