Rabu, 28 September 2011

summer parade.

hi, it's been a month or so.
yeah ive been doing things so i dont have any time left for this
and i often secretly disappear at night..

this last year of highschool thingy is literally making me crazy.
i cant stand the atmosphere, the people, and the ambition.
i hate competition, i hate it.. with all of my evil spirit.

but on the other hand, i've been quite happy :)
mehehe theres someone i know.. for quite a long time
shes like a.. what do i call it uhmm
a get away, like a place where i could go whenever i feel horrible.

its not that ive spent a long time with her, but i just feel like it everytime im with here.
hahahaha i know this is cheesy and all, but this is the only place where i can write this kinda stuff..

oh well, i guess thats all.. i dont wanna be that open
beside no ones reading this blog anyway