Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2011

i really like saying words like platypus, hippopotamus, or etc.
nuff said, i know its a terrible way to start a post but scrw the standards.

i had a nice saturday night, i went to see a movie, the real steel.
this movie really caught my attention since the first time i saw the trailer.
the trailer was awesome, the plot, the visual, and the casts aswell.
and the movie turns out to be satisfying aswell! its a must watch, a must.
besides i always like every movie that has a robot thingy in it.

but oh well on the other hand, i really enjoyed the conversation last night.
thats all im gonna say to you, blog. hahaha

what bummer, its sunday already. i really wish weekend is more than just a saturday and sunday.
its not enough believe me.

i guess im just gonna dive in again to this ocean blanket.
later, peace.