Selasa, 08 November 2011

fever that i can't sweat out

greetings readers!
well, since theres a few anonymous who asked things about this blog on formspring
i am really happy to know that theres still people who reads my blog, really.. thank you. :)

so heres a news, i skipped school today.
because i have a fever, a cold, and a cough. i know.. it sucks.
but i guess im getting better tho, im no longer have the fever
but the cough and the flu are still here tho. #getwellsoonsani

what else..

oh and i dont wanna talk about the loss of my cellphones. enough is enough.


talking about weather, its been very friendly here in jakarta
i love it how it rains almost everyday now, and the rest is cloudy.
i know, i am so lame even now i am talking about the weather..


im currently writing a new song right now, well a few.
maybe im gonna post one or two lyrics here later on

oh well oh well
i promise im gonna write more
but i guess thats all for this post

see ya, peace.