Minggu, 25 Maret 2012

avant-garde and evolving me.

hi. i am in a condition where my brain is not 100% working and my vision is highly exposed.
like what i tweeted, "the best thing about making music is when you have no idea what you are doing."
indeed, i am now currently back learning on some electronica music.
and here i am, drawing midi notes, applying effects, turning frequency knobs.
i still have no idea what i'm doing. but actually, this is my favorite part.
because you still don't really care what will come out of that speaker at this point.
you just want to hear a sound comin' out from the speaker, that's all.

but.. aside from all that, this is turning out quite good.
for now, i'm still a n00b, a newbie, or whatevs.
but i will get better, and familiar with the interfaces, i hope.

so yeah, that's all about me.


anyways, for these past couple weeks i've been listening to this guy, Madeon.
he's a 17 yo musician from France. and one thing i could say about him, genius.

he's the one who made me here, back staring and drawing these midi notes.
he's now at the same age as me, but his mixing ability is god, gosh.
that makes me mad, i know.. #sosad

so yeah, give him a listen, he's not that famous now, yet, i guess.
but! i think 2012 is his year now. we'll see..


oh well, nuff said for now.
i'll write more tonight probably.