Kamis, 10 Januari 2013


'Sup, i know it's been like.. forever.
..And i'm just gonna stop by and just write a bit.

(Slow & soothing jazz music)

So.. here I am, enjoying the holiday.
Which near its end and sure as hell i'm quite sad about it.

Welcoming.. 2013.
I don't really do what people usually do at the beginning of a new year.
Which.. planning their resolution for the year ahead. Fuck me, right?
I just don't get the point of waiting for the year to change first to improve yourself.

Let's just say i've been doing pretty well. If that's what all of you wanted to know.


On a lighter note,
I just finished Assassin's Creed III earlier, and i just can't get over how horrible the ending was..
Fuck you, Minerva. Enough said.

And i've been having so much fun goofin' around with Ableton Live.
I've just recently released an original mix titled "Crimson" - it's up on my soundcloud.
If you guys want to check it out, click this -> Soundcloud Thankyou!

Well, can't think of any interesting stuff to write here anymore, i think i ran out of topics.
I'll write again as soon as i have trouble sleeping again some time.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday people!
Goodnight! =)