Sabtu, 09 Maret 2013


i just want to go back in my childhood.
i was more concerned about what i feel than what others feel.

i used to play LEGO all the time, not caring about anything else.
warm sunny days---when i used to go outside and ride the bicycle by myself.
stroll around the neighborhood until dawn and stop nearby the mosque to buy a conello.

anyway.. me as a child, i was more of a self-centered kid. 
i didn't really hang out with the other kids in the neighborhood.
i usually spent my day playing video games, drawing, lego, and stuff alone.
i liked it better that way though, i don't know why. 

i miss my old house, it was rather empty though, because both of my parents were almost at work all the time.

but i knew i could always find my dad in his workroom every time i had a trouble sleeping at night, or if i had a nightmare. 
and i knew i could always go into my mom's bedroom and snuck into her bed and sleep beside her. 

the feeling of being around the people i love the most is what i'm longing right now.