Kamis, 27 Maret 2014

The monster under you bed.

I want to you tell you about this thing that I hate, that i always try to avoid, that I despise. I just can't stand it. It makes me sick. Don't you have this kind of thing as well? That brings out the worst in you? Well of course I'm not gonna list them all here, but I'm not gonna lie, there's this one thing that hassles me the most.

What i hate the most is when I'm failing in everything, when I feel just like a failure. Well, some people might see me as an optimist, hell, I'm not saying i'm a pessimist neither, but there's just these kinda moments where i feel like shit, like i can't do nothing at all, stuck in this hole forever.

I want to be better at everything.
I want to know what everybody knows.
I want to learn everything.
I want to be the best at everything.

I want to be satisfied, I want to accomplish BIG things in my life, and I have to return the favor.