Minggu, 29 Juni 2014

Betrayed by The Sun

I see you cut your hair again.
Have you told anybody about it?
Do you think it's safe now?
Is it safe for me to say that i'm out of the loop, 
I'm out of touch, 
i'm out of things to say. 

I'll let you walk away. 

We talk so quietly. 
You walk so mysteriously. 
Lets get these hearts beat faster tonight.  

We'll stay here if you want to. 
Never ever look back dear.
I’ll think of ways to get to you.
Just to get you back here, back here.

It’s too late to say goodbye.
Never ever look back dear
And when the sun is coming up,
I’ll close my eyes, and dream of you.

We were betrayed by the sun.
And I love the way you pronounce rewind. 
And how the look on your face is a constant reminder that i'm actually dreaming. 

Remember when you told me that you love the smell of my car.
And it’s harder when I fear
I’d paint your skies grey.