Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

And the judges wont tell me what did i do wrong

Yo! Sup?
Its almost 3am here and I just got home from nadhif's
At first I was planning to watch spain vs portugal there but dad called and told me to go home earlier don't know why.
So.. Here I am. Home..

Anyways tomorrow may bring a lot of joy to me, because tomorrow I'll have a band practice with mati lampu again after all these time.. *sigh*
*talking to my les paul*"at last! You'll be used again!"

I'm watching spain vs. Portugal now.. Not too interesting for me. I just trying to catch my sleep here.. But it seems hard. Drinking rootbeer at this kinda time is fun! Makes your belly filled up with carbonated water

I'm writing from my phone rite now, well kinda fun because my internet is suck bigtime! I can't use it since yesterday don't know why. Its just won't work :( I don't know what to do withour 'em *sarcasm*

Well better catch my dream now, I don't wanna wake up too late later
So better off right now, later :)