Senin, 23 Agustus 2010

Some facts about me.

1. I was born in 23rd of January 1995
2. I'm the first kid of my family
3. I like to do everything by my own
4. I'm an asshole sometimes
5. Often do something stupid
6. I like to judge on something in my own track
7. Hard to wake up from my bed
8. I play guitar/ukulele/ and a bit of drum and piano
9. I like it when i wake up and it's raining outside
10. I love midnight Drive
11. I hate sarcasm, but i do sarcasm sometimes
12. Until now, it's been 3 sketche books that i've drawn all of its pages
13. I stick most of 'em on my bedroom's wall
14. Midnight is the perfect time for me to express my creativity
15. My body temperature is higher than other humanbeing
16. I love simplicity
17. I like girls with black hoodie or flanel shirt and a sneaker
18. Thick black/brown-ish hair
19. I love my black hoodie, i've been wearing it since i was still on the 7th grade.
20. I think i've fallen for Les Paul Guitars
21. I can't snap my fingers
22. It's hard for me to whistle
23. My IQ is 142, but that doesn't help anything in my academic studies
24. I don't effin care about my shitty grammar
25. I have a terrible pronounciation
26. I can easily sick when i'm over tired
27. i tend to sleep late because i don't wanna waste the night free time
28. My favorite color is light blue