Rabu, 25 Agustus 2010

Some facts about me. Part 2.

29. I am a morning person
30. But that doesn't prevent me from getting late to school
31. I'm way too cheesy sometimes, I even puke on myself. Not
32. I want one Taylor acoustic guitar and one Gibson Les Paul in my room
33. I shop online very often, yes. VERY often.
34. I'm afraid of consistency
35. I wanna be diffrent than others
36. I hate it when everyone is wearing/using the same thing
37. I can't stand being around a smart-ass
38. I'm a fast learner
39. I hate people who take other people chances
40. Money isn't everything for me. But money can buy me happiness for sure
41. I'm a righty
42. I used to be a basketball player
43. I invented my own character when i'm on 7th grade
44. I used to be the "one-who-gets-bullied-with-seniors" student
45. I cried when i watch: Armageddon, Dear John, Time Traveler's Wife, and Click
46. You can say that i'm a straightedge
47. I love spiderman
48. My father is my all-time hero
49. My parents are divorced since i was still 5 years old
50. I live with my mom, my dad lives somewhere else
51. Music, Art, Prespective of life, How i see this world, i learn them from my father
52. I'm not a religious person, but i believe in Allah
53. I sleep really late and wake up early
54. I don't have a driving lincense, but i drive anyway
55. I'm afraid of death
56. Disney has a big part of my childhood
57. My favorite disney character is Hercules
58. Princess Aurora is the prettiest of all disney's princess
59. Kingdom Hearts Sequel and The Sims is my favorite video game ever
60. I like to cook
61. I spend my time mostly in front of my macbook
62. I'm a big fan of apple products
63. I'm not a smooth talker
64. I often regret my first impression
65. I record my music in my own bedroom
66. I think writing about my own fact on my own blog is fun!
67. Tom Delonge is a genius
68. I do papercraft sometimes
69. I'm a very moody person
70. I can't hold the temptation to draw on something plain
71. I gave my guitar, sketch book, macbook, and my acoustic guitar a name
72. Asthenia, Avalon, Juno, Vienna is their name from left to right
73. I'm suck at singing
74. I wish i'm a billionaire
dll. (more maybe will come)