Kamis, 02 September 2010

Aquarius, from @Zodiacfact

1. are strong-willed nothing can break them.
2. are inventive.
3. are devoted to their goals.
4. are trendsetters.
5. like a good meal if it means they don't have to cook it or buy it.
6. Whenever you confront an Aquarius about anything, they'll pull back from you
7. Aquarius see nothing wrong with first date sex; they believe if there's chemistry why worry.
8. has the most potential to withdraw from too much closeness and emotionality.
9. value their independence above all else.
10. watches their freedom like a hawk.
11. like good talkers as well as good listeners
12. admire people who never give up chasing after there dreams. They love people who 13. know exactly what they want.
14. attracted to the freakish and strange.
15. a free thinker, ahead of your time, an individual
16. should take caution however, to make sure that their partner feels the same way as they do.
17. will find no conflict in the loving of someone with whom they might hold disagreement politically.
18. might be compared to that of an unexpected thunderstorm.
19. has a strong connection to the land of his/her birth.
20. are more likely to favor a modern type of home.
21. is very much an individual in there own right.
22. is one who will certainly gain great enjoyment in being surrounded by their friends.
23. usually have very strong bodies, but prefer to use their minds.
24. have a fiery attachment to idealist 'causes' which inspire and motivate people to compassion.
25. usually cling to your opinions and rarely lose hope.