Jumat, 19 November 2010

Lights coated sugar city

Hey. been a while eh?
no worries, im back now.. writting.

so here i am sitting on my crappy bedroom, on my beloved floor sofa.
im just kinda feeling warm now, dont know why. i see clearer..
well that sounds kinda wrong.

soo.. i've released my first EP. y'all can get it its a free download!
click this link to download => click!
yeah well sorry it only contain 3 songs. but glad i did that!
because im kinda satisfied with those song. do you? :p

school days? well it's been exhausting. its been a very crappy semester.
its just.. theres too many activities that ive to accomplished this semester.
such as... yea you know

love life? well not gonna say much 'bout this topic, but it's been very well!
not that i hate to tell you guys about my lovelife, its just i think theres
still many things that more interesting to tell than this, anyways nimaz has just had her birthday yesterday, and her friends threw a surpirse to her and i was playin' a roll too. been fun.

gawd its 10:43 pm now. i dont wanna fall asleep.
i dont know what to dooo.. what should i do?
this is the time when i really need my beloved xbox360
oh microsoft.. why did you choose my xbox to be the victim??
im sitting in misery rite now. and its horrible.

theres 2 new songs in my head rite now.
trying so hard just to get 'em out outta my head
but it didnt work out.. cheese

well sorry for the crappy grammar and unnecessary writting
i hope it wont bother you and make you cant sleep
just.. dont blame me if you cant make your parents proud
i know..
my sentences doesnt make any sense
ignore me..