Senin, 21 Maret 2011


1. my name is Janitra Satriani
2. people call me Sani, Saneh, Sunny and stuffs
3. i was born on 23rd January 1995
4. i'm a proud Aquarius
5. i sleep late and wake up early
6. it doesn't prevent me from getting late
7. i hate being late
8. and i hate late people
9. i love to cook since child
10. i worship apple products
11. my Dad is my forever role-model
12. i play guitar (cliche)
13. i play ukulele
14. i play mandolin
15. i pretend that i can play drum (a bit..)
16. i play piano (a bit..)
17. les paul is my favorite guitar model
18. i prefer digital than analog
19. i dont smoke (havent even tried, i swear)
20. i dont drink alcoholic drinks
21. i dont do drugs
22. coca cola is my forever girlfriend
23. i can't let empty spaces empty, i have to draw on em
24. i have the most messy room in this universe
25. i tuck one of my leg out when im in the blanket
26. aerosmith is my first favorite band
27. i love the sound of reverb and echo
28. i rarely watch tv
29. i love south park
30. i own a nintendo gameboy color
31. im addicted to online shopping
32. i have 2 electric guitar
33. i have 2 acoustic guitar
34. i have one mandolin
35. i have one ukulele
36. im in a band called "mati lampu"
37. im in a band called "asthenia"
38. i have my own project called "GIVEBACKTHELIGHTS"
39. im obsessed with sleep
40. thats why most of my songs are all about dream, asleep, and stuffs
41. i love to set my alarm for 2 am and wake up randomly to have fun alone
42. my favorite colors are baby blue, red, maroon, and yellow
43. im an idealistic
44. i rather work alone
45. not to good at team work
46. rather selfish
47. i suck at money savings
48. my favorite childhood game is Harvest Moon
49. i love to draw
50. i give names to all of my favorite stuffs
51. i use city names, such as Atlanta, Avalon, Juno, Vienna and else
52. i named my macbook Juno
53. my Acoustic Guitar = Vienna
54. my Les Paul = Asthenia
55. my Sketchbook = Avalon
56. my Ukulele = You cool lele
57. i sleep rather soundly than other people
58. i always be the first to wake up when im on a sleepover party
59. i can see the furute
60. i lied on fact number #59
61. i do design for extra money
62. i always easily starstruck
63. my favorite actress is Chloe Grace Moretz
64. my 2nd favorite actress is Emma Roberts
65. i spend too much time on web surfing
66. i wish Doraemon is real
67. and i wish Nobita could pass his Junior Highschool life
68. im a huge fan of drama comedy movies
69. i think this fact number is a gross position for sex
70. i love caramel
71. i cant describe how much i love Indomie telur kornet keju
72. i can sing, but im not that good at singing
73. i have a tumblr =>
74. i miss having a social network web profile like friendster
75. because i love to customize my profile into something that anyone else cant
76. i like being different
77. im not a type of a leader person
78. i hate sellout stuffs
79. i write lyrics randomly by singing it when recording the song
80. i wish i can shred a guitar like other guitar shredder
81. im 180cm tall
82. i love dining table conversation
83. i look at my cellphone when im nervous
84. i used to have a dog
85. and i want to have a dog again now
86. i hate traffic jam, who doesnt?
87. i drive a manual transmission car
88. my driver is the one who taught me how to drive a car
89. i miss my old house
90. i love to jump when in a show
91. i cant live without my air conditioner
92. and my internet connection too
93. i hate school
94. i want to learn things that i want to learn somewhere else
95. i wear vans shoes
96. i dont feel confidence everytime i wear converse
97. i have two personalities, one when im outside, and one when im inside my house
98. i love to make people laugh, eventho sometimes my jokes dont even make em smile
99. i love lego more than every toys ever
100. art is my life