Rabu, 13 April 2011

source of utility

i hate inconsistency, i hate how people changes. i hate it how everything has to change
not that i dont want everything to change, its just that--why everything i like?
i've never been able to get hold of something, its always just slip and fall below my hand
and before i know it, everything has gone, and i was the one who's left behind

fuck this kind of feeling, it kills me. if i could get rid of one feeling from human's brain
it would be this one. this feeling.

theres nothing real, i cant even touch it. but why its so annoying. always been
im not telling you that im blue or sober or that sort of crap. im just sick

i wish im a demigod or something so i can make something different out of this situation
but well i'm not. so yeah. here i am swell with curiosity