Selasa, 19 April 2011

wordless contradiction

how people react, how people response. to everything you do
i kinda like it, it's cliche yet hilarious. cause sometimes you already know

then it's not interacting anymore, it's a guess-what games
when there's a few option, which one of 'em gonna be true?
the moment you're waiting for the words to come out from their lips
the moment you're staring at those eyes, and suddenly you're somewhere else

i must have miss the kick-off, cause if i already knew, i'd be dead

those signals, you could've just said it. i'd appreciate it
now is my turn to play games, taking cards-- hiding 'em

my turns are far yet my unconscious can't wait long enough
from a scratch i'm making my way to know you, but still i know nothing

writing this makes me feel desperate, i don't think anybody would read this crap

what you read is what you read, what you understand is another thing to tell