Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Green Suited Bunny

i hate how blackberry vibrates.. its just noisy and annoying
its irritating when youre kinda excited to see whos im-ing you
but then its only a broadcast message, i wanna literally assfuck them

but its just me with my quick tempered anger, well

im going out of town this saturday, stoked!
specifically, to bandung. got a gig there, an acoustic gig

my sleeptime is literally fucked up these few days, i know
people can easily close my eyes and try to sleep, but i cant

i cant pretend that im sleepy enough to sleep, maybe thats why
thats why i always sleep in the middle of doing something

i know.. it annoys some people, but theres a benefit from it
you gonna get a "good morning" chat from me saying sorry

oh and if you got time, check out my tumblr will ya?
heres the link, holmes -> www.sanisanisani.tumblr.com

turning the lights off, now. night :)