Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

therapeutic chain of events

goodnight lads, i feel like writing tonight so yeah, here i am
im gonna tell you about how i made GBTL, and other aesthetics

it was all started in 2009, when all i know was have fun and leave it all behind
i met a girl, in some place. i cant stand her smile, i always turned to stone that time

and so on the process begun, my friend introduced me to her, and we went out and all
well i asked her to go steady and all, she accepted. i was so in love, so i made her a song (cliche, i know)

my first song ever, titled "all day to remember" i made it based on our first date.

i made up a name from my real name, sanicodzilla. i dont know what its mean actually. it sucks, i know.

after a while.. our relationship went well but we crashed a few problems and all. its all ok btw.
and i made a song titled "dear 284" it was a song about my feeling about her that time.

we broke up after a few months, caused me to write a massive amount of song
and picked some of them as the most "ok" and worthy to hear.
its "asleep", "dream", "we'll fly away", "i don't even ask for more" and " a rainy day song"
i know its a bit much, but i was just so effin productive that time..

and i dont know how, the line "GIVEBACKTHELIGHTS" just came across my thoughts that time
i decided to use it as the name of this project. yep. project.

fast forward--

fast forward--

fast forward--

fast hogwarts--

fast forward--

time lapsed.. i changed, you changed, everybody changed.
its been 2 years already, and here i am still writing unworthy songs about girls and stuffs.

well i hope this story entertains you as entertain as me writing and remembering it.
im gonna sleep now, im outta town tomorrow.
later ----