Jumat, 13 Mei 2011

jane doe.

hi! ok, first of all, i want all of you to know..
that this is my blog, so we roll with my rules

youre to one who choose to read it in the first place right?
well so that makes me legal to write anything..
including what im gonna write right now, agree?

well, you know. im really curious..
whats inside your brain, beneath those cells

what makes it react from the main frame
into the core of your nerves
resulting a movement of your body parts, specifically your fingers
your fingers, it writes every sentences, and its still ringing in my head
resulting a million thoughts inside your brain..
and your mind, your thoughts, your emotions.

i wanna know, i wanna know more, more, and even more
every inch, every detail, every little thing about you.

i know, its such a lousy post, and its cheesy and all
but well you know this is what i really feels right now, kinda