Kamis, 12 Mei 2011

i'd like to..

1. be able to fly
2. be able to control time
3. be able to do telekinesis
4. know where you go when you're all alone
6. know you much further
7. keep this feeling
8. have a long holiday
9. study abroad
10. get rid of my bad habits
11. be a better person
12. be successful in music industry
13. be more friendly
14. have a great runaway spot
15. have somebody to chat with
16. have somebody to share my thoughts with
17. ride a rocket
18. ride a monstrous truck
19. have a much better scores..
20. fix my sleeping schedule
21. be a billionaire
22. be able to read minds
23. be noticed by you
24. know what are you thinking right now
25. watch south park now
26. end this post on the right number
27. release my newest album soon
28. drive a jet
29. watch a movie alone
30. or with someone special

to be continued ---- ------