Kamis, 12 Mei 2011

this post is dedicated to this post

HI! another night another post, no?

i know, almost all of the posts here is just another silly story of mine..
but well you know.. where am i suppose to write freely other than here?

twitter? nahhhh its gonna make me look like an ass, round and puffy. ass rite?
so im just gonna continue writing stuffs here, is it alright?

i just made a cover of one of my favorite song
its "tell me where you are" by hit the lights
heres the link if u wanna hear it..


you know.. time is running kinda fast now, bullet-speed fast. I MEAN IT
IT IS running really fast! well screw it.. im gonna watch the newest episode of southpark now
they're doing a parody of the royal wedding nawh, cant wait to see it..

well goodnight!