Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

on your side

hi, its been awhile isnt it? well im sorry blog
ive been up to few things in the real world

ive been listening to this song today
its "on your side" by a rocket to the moon
i dunno why, i know its an oldies haha idc

heres my favorite line from the song:

"i know your face, your eyes, your lips, your taste
i love the way, you know just what to say"

i always like it when theres a song
that describes the songwriter's crush or stuffs
its just sweet and right to the point, i like it
i think im gonna make one.. oh! i already made one hehe...

its about a girl also, but mine is different
im not describing about her physical appearance..
but.. i'm describing her differences from other girls that i know
and a lots of things that i reaaaaaaaally like about her

haha enough of that stuffs, im outta her league anyway
im probably not gonna make it, and have it

gahhhhh.. for the sake of the sanity of this blog, im gonna vanish right now
i hope you enjoy this week, im gonna write to you again another night, blog