Sabtu, 16 Juli 2011

Blue Skies

Wazzap. Been quite awhile since my last post.
I'm writing from my cellphone. So yea. There's gonna be a lots of dots.

In this quite crowded place. I'm feeling left out.
It's a common feeling for me i guess, for this a few days.
Well, i'm not saying that i hate this feeling. I even kinda like it.
But it gets boring recently. I forget how i really supposed to feel.

i've been listening to Noah and the Whale recently..
their songs are relaxing in such an odd way. Weirdhh.

I drank a glass of teh tarik a few moments ago.
Tasted good. As usual i'm the first person who drank it dry.

Well i guess thats all, i just need somebody to talk to.
But i ended up randomly writing to you, blog.

Have an ultimate night. So long. :)