Selasa, 02 Agustus 2011

Secret crowd

i had a really long dream last night.
and i thought it would be such a waste if i didnt write it down. so i did. here it goes..

I was in the middle of a crowd
Full of people with costumes, i think it was a festival.

But it was so quite. Everyone was just walking towards the road ahead.
I couldnt go anywhere else. I was stuck there. Because of the crowd.

I closed my eyes. And suddenly the crowd disappeared. All of them.

And all of a sudden. I found myself in a very weird car.
I guess it was like the one from the "Back to the future" movie. I was on the front passenger seat.

I dont know why, i just know who's driving it. It was her father. but i've never seen her father before. it was blur. i just know it.

We were heading to a mall. At South Jakarta, a popular one.

When i looked at the backseat..
There was she. Sitting there looking at the window. I've never been that close to her.

She didnt pay any attention on me. Or neither her father. I thought for a second i was invisible. Maybe i was just a shadowy figure and i wasn't substantial, but i'm not very certain about it.

And then we arrived there. We parked quite a walk from the mall. On a quite bizzare park.

I jumped from the pavement to the road. I dont know why, but the pavement was so high. So i have to jump through it.

But then my legs refused to land perfectly, i fell quite hard. Before i know what happened next, i was already laying on the road.

She suddenly made the jump too, and she fell into me. I don't know why it didn't hurt at all.

I tried to get back up to my feet but it was kinda hard. My body suddenly felt too heavy. But then she helped me, she gave her hand and helped me to stand.

And finally we walked to the mall, but she ran without a reason all the way to the mall. I chased her after that.

But she was way too fast. I still could see her. But she slowly disappeared, though i catched a little glimpse.. then i took a second glance, but I didn't have enough eyes on her.

And then, the chase ended up in a room, white walls, white furniture. Everything was in white.

I looked everywhere. I couldnt find her.

And then somebody suddenly came out of nowhere and told me that she took the elevator up.

And then i looked around. And there it was, the goddamn elevator.

But thats it. I dont know why. I couldnt use the elevator.

I didnt even try. I just know it.

and then i woke up. and wrote this right away.
i didn't want to lose my memory of this dream.
it was too precious, in a kind of bizzarre way.