Selasa, 06 September 2011

Under the Thame Rd sign.

laying on this white couch, above white puffy carpet
i got nothing to do, on my last few days of summer

it's sunny and hot here in los angeles, i put my white shirt on
i've been kinda sleepless, i hope my face doesn't look like a moron

hours of driving making me miss my floor puffy chair back home
goofing around guitar center didn't do a thing, i still miss Vienna
temperature here is nice, i guess i'm gonna miss this one
how they paint the road, and the redness of the sky is tempting

oh well, soon enough i have to fly home
home, that side of the world all over again

cheese, melted cheese is fairly everywhere
swiss, american it's all the same, i don't taste anything different
triple layer of chocolate would be as sweet as your smile, i guess

it's enough, even more than enough
something to tell, to pass on generation

television is never dead, just like this city lights at the times square
New York, the city that never sleeps, they said
i slept that night, well i must have missed a lot of mess
i'm sick of pasta, italian food makes me thrill for a second
i promise you this gonna be the last piece of salami

i walk, i walk home
i take the subway sometimes
thoughts thoughts, that moment of silence

i'm hoping as the moment i blink this pair of eyes
you'll be the rays that reflected through my vision
and your scent will be my washing machine's favorite essence
so that i can stop this car, right over your pavement.